Erica Pope

Executive Search Consultant, Americas

Erica joined Pacific International as an Executive Search Associate in July 2022. She was attracted to executive search due to her exuberant nature and her public relations degree from Temple University.

As an executive search associate at Pacific International, Erica is driven by being able to solve problems as part of a diverse and interconnected team. She previously majored in musical theater, and because of it she appreciates authenticity and people who are driven to uplift and help others. She worked as a server for many years, so she appreciates and is highly adept at reading and adjusting to all kinds of people and social situations, which  comes in handy when your job requires you to talk to all kinds of people.

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Erica is a lover of all animals, art, fashion, food, and music. In her free time she enjoys photography, collage, singing to showtunes, cooking, online shopping, and gardening. She is always open to new experiences, people, and especially food.