The Challenge

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Due to our highly credible work and strong reputation with this organisation, we were engaged by the Global Transformation Lead to source a hands on professional, to coach, demonstrate and deliver the core values and teachings of the cultural transformation across the global footprint. This would impact all levels from the operational sites, up to C Level.

This leader would allow the company to continue to embed the ‘one best way approach’ to the corporation, enabling the methodology to be applied and delivered in a streamlined and approachable way to all layers of the company. It also meant that there was physical presence within the delivery of the coaching for the concepts to be grasped, modelled, and put into context as efficiently as possible.

The Solution

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The search required us to engage with several stakeholders in the company. From these conversations, we were able to understand both the technical and soft skills that they feel would suit the position due to the variety of regional and global teams that this person would be coaching and supporting. This a background with global experience and a willingness to travel across regions still affected by Covid-19. We would also need to source a professional with an ability to understand and access the trust of numerous cultures at a fast pace. They would also need to be agile between a commercial and operational environment.

Once our research team was aligned, we were able to combine our findings and use our vast network in change and transformation. At a fast pace, we could then present a longlist to the customer, where all stakeholders could view the company backgrounds and provide input early. We were also able to use our video platform to screen these vital soft skills for the role… especially their presentation and engagement skills.

The Results

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The chosen candidate was, by professional title, A Master Black Belt who had delivered global transformation programs, had a real passion for travel and had huge success in operational site transformation. His C Level success was evident already and supported at the final interview. Due to our local network, we were able to find a Dutch citizen for the role, meaning he could have an efficient face to face interview with the core stakeholders. From our warm relationships with these stakeholders from previous projects, we could directly access them in the process and support crucial steps at the hiring process and deliver our candidate’s credibility to the right people.

Pacific then went on to support the Digital and Automation Transformation of the company’s sites in Asia and will continue further.