The Challenge

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Due to our previous successful executive search work for this client, they engaged Pacific’s succession planning and market mapping solutions to plan for leadership changes against the backdrop of digitalization business strategy role out. The key was to give the Chief HR and Chief Operating Officers a better understand of the competitor and tertiary sector landscape at leadership level.  With our knowledge in strategic change and transformation leadership, we were able to cover a research pool covering four key regions of North Africa, South Africa, North Europe and Southern Europe. Part of the solution was to provide view of Female and Ethic diversity leadership with a demonstratable digitalization background.

The Solution

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A bilingual team was assigned to this project, including Nordic, Spanish and Italian speakers through existing networks of recommendations, we were able to map the key competitors and industry leaders who were on the digitalization journey. Our female leadership networks also provided us with a significant data set to give transparency and surety to our client stakeholders. Our research team was also able to direct their attention to connections in the conference industry where we engaged keynote speakers for logistics digitalisation and automation

The Results

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Following the four weeks of research, Pacific produced a market survey and data report for each region with over 25+ fully qualified data points which was then presented to the Chief HR Officer of the organization to add future succession planning as well as some valuable compensation and benefit data from the competitive sectors.