The Challenge

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Our client was conducting a complex reorganization, merging two main business units to create a global sales organization. The change in the company’s portfolio towards semiconductor components meant that Pacific’s search focused on an industry expert in both electronics and semiconductor industries. The right candidate would also need strong leadership and change management experience.

Furthermore, it was expected that the successor would be in the organisation within 4 months. This would ensure handover before the retirement of the former position holder.

The Solution

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With our strong network within the sector and local presence, we were able to present a strong shortlist of sales leaders within 4 weeks.

We worked with the Chief HR Officer to create a list of technical and leadership questions for our video interview process step to give the client a detailed first insight on skillset and personality.

Our detailed process of video interviewed shortlist, alongside the weekly update calls with the key stakeholders created an efficient process and secure the right candidate on time.

The Results

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The position was successfully closed with a Sales leader from both the electronics and semiconductor industry. He demonstrated that he has already been driving different sales transformation projects with global sales teams.

After meeting him in person, the client decided to re-band the position to Managing Director for their German legal entity and was thus hired for both positions. Pacific has since been engaged to support the commercial excellence talent build in the firm.