The Challenge

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The organisation was seeking a leader to be responsible for driving a strategic transformation, which focused on establishing a world-class manufacturing excellence framework. The site had been chosen as the pilot site across the global network to trial run the program. The objective was to establish a blueprint which the entire business could follow. The position was in an isolated area within the Netherlands and the profile being sought was scarce due to the technical nature of the role.

The Solution

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The search commenced through initial detailed mapping of the local market, focus being on a key organisation which possessed profiles with the relevant technical background. A secondary strategy focused on visiting our internal network as we had a strong presence in this space due to similar searches we had delivered in the past.

The Results

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The end result arrived from our internal network, we were able to introduce a profile which possessed the technical competencies which we were seeking as well as the relevant soft skills which complimented the leadership aspect of the role. Currently we are maintaining a strong talent partnership with the business which involves continuing to support the build out of their world-class manufacturing excellence program by supporting other retained search mandates.