The Challenge

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Due to their recent success story and the strong market demand, the company planned to increase the size of their semiconductor R&D department by minimum 50 % within one year. However, the current Director was planning to retire beforehand, so a technical expert and strong leader was needed. In order to make sure that the successor understands the business strategy and challenges fully, and to solve potential questions, the current position holder agreed to move into an expert role for the last months, as long as his successor can start in latest 6 months.

The Solution

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With a strong understanding of the company’s needs in terms of skillset and personality after a +2 years’ partnership, and a strong network of leaders in semiconductor development, Pacific was able to create a valuable shortlist of experts that were willing to relocate to the company’s innovation centre in Switzerland.

The regular updates with the Vice President of the department and European HR Leader have further ensured a smooth process and relevant insight into the businesses’ culture, that made sure to attract leaders from global matrix organizations, to join a fast-growing and agile mid-sized company.

The Results

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The position was successfully closed with an expert in the semiconductor sector, who shows a huge potential to grow inside the organization. While planning a relocation to Switzerland, the leader is already driving the team’s growth to successfully double its size at the beginning of 2023 and overseeing projects with the newest technology to develop further high-end products.