The Challenge

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A Materials Director plays a pivotal role in the procurement, management, and distribution of materials and supplies essential for the company’s operations. They are responsible for sourcing high-quality materials, optimizing inventory, negotiating with suppliers while ensuring compliance with regulations, managing budgets, and promoting cost-effective practices. Additionally, they coordinate logistics and maintain a strong focus on safety and environmental considerations.

A Fortune 500 global water technology company, committed to addressing global water, wastewater, and water-related challenges through technology, innovation, and expertise, conducted a detailed supply chain analysis. This analysis pinpointed the requirement for expertise in material planning, storage, movement, and best practices to fully harness the potential of their complex, innovative, and product-diverse site and drive sustainability.

Given a long-standing and trusted business partnership, the company retained Pacific International Executive Search to assist in the selection of a transformational Materials Director capable of optimizing the site’s performance. Given the outdated MRP system and processes in place, the candidate needed to possess not only deep industry expertise and understanding of the field but also exceptional stakeholder management skills.

The Solution

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Pacific has successfully placed hundreds of high-impact candidates across many functions within manufacturing facilities globally. Having worked in several roles with this company and its deep supply chain expertise, Pacific’s team devised an effective go-to-market strategy to ensure the candidate’s cultural fit, alignment of values as well as their industry and leadership credentials.

Research-driven talent mapping resulted in a long list of 170 candidates, with a notable 20% representation of highly qualified female candidates. 75% of shortlisted candidates proceeded to the interview stage – a number that Pacific’s team is repeatedly proud of and a testament to the quality of the candidates presented to the client. Despite this high number of candidates, Pacific’s proven executive search process driven by lean methodologies enabled the team to complete the search in just over 2 months.

The Results

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The successful candidate is a seasoned professional with 25+ years of supply chain engineering and operations management experience in a variety of sectors as well as an effective communicator and problem solver with strong critical thinking and data analytics skills. Pacific International helped negotiate employment terms, compensation package, and managed the offer process, including assisting with the candidate’s relocation, ensuring a seamless negotiating process and transition from selection to placement. With this appointment, the client gained an invaluable member of the leadership team to drive the efficiency and sustainability agenda forward.