Women in Leadership Series. Part 1

Woman in Leadership

For our first entry in Pacific’s Women in Leadership series, Sally Toister touches on her role in Operational Excellence in the hospitality industry, her favourite lean methodologies and the importance of walking the gemba, her leadership style and finally, gives her insights into being a woman in a leadership position and the wider trends and progression of this topic in the professional world.

Sally is the Senior Director of Operational Excellence and Six Sigma at Marriott International, supporting and overseeing their operational excellence programme in their hotels based in the US and Canada, for all 30 of their brands. In addition to her full-time dedicated team, she also works with over 750 associates that are trained as Green belts or Kaizen facilitators and coaches, and around 25 directors of operational excellence with Black Belt certification.

Pacific’s series on Women in Leadership is a professional celebration of senior women across the globe in the change and transformation space.