Zach Fountain

Sector Lead for Electronics and Semiconductors EMEA

Zach joined Pacific in August of 2022, as an Executive Search Associate in our London office.

The reason he was drawn to executive search is because he has a passion for meeting new people and learning new things. He wanted the opportunity to meet and speak to people who are at the top of their industry while also being able to learn about them and the companies they will be joining. He chose Pacific because it gives him the best opportunity to learn and to grow with company, and the truly international scale of it allows him to meet and work with interesting people from all over the world.

Originally from a small city in Upstate New York, Zach moved to London to pursue his bachelors at Kingston University and then on to get his Masters from City, University of London in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy and second masters degree in Law.

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Outside of work Zach has a real passion for sports and has played/competed for most of his life only up until recently. He enjoys snowboarding and playing lacrosse in his free time the most and loves watching the Premiere League on the weekends whenever he has time. He has a real love for cooking, having many dishes from his home town that he make's regularly for friends and family and even has a secret family pasta sauce recipe that has been passed down through the years!