Pacific International CEO’s Formula to Stay Mentally Fit

Pacific International CEO’s Formula to Stay Mentally Fit
Mental Health Awareness
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Running an Executive Search business is challenging. Balancing the demands of a rapidly growing business and the needs of a young family bring these challenges to another level. Constantly juggling multiple roles and facing high-pressure situations may lead to increased emotional exhaustion, making it challenging to maintain a positive mental state. Neglecting self-care can lead to decreased resilience, reduced effectiveness, and increased vulnerability to mental health issues.

Mindful of this and to raise awareness of the importance of staying mentally fit, David Howells, CEO of Pacific International Executive Search, shares the go-to techniques that help him build mental strength to meet professional obligations while leading a fulfilling family life.

David’s top tip to start the day on a positive note

I have a little morning routine that I want to share with you. It’s all about prioritizing sunlight over screen time. So, when my phone alarm goes off in the morning, I resist the temptation to immediately check emails or messages. Instead, I leave my phone on the side and head straight out of bed to soak up some natural light. I believe it’s so important to give yourself that initial 30-45 minutes of the day without getting caught up in the digital world. I usually save checking my emails for after I’ve showered and got ready. It sets a positive tone for the day!

How I try to combat the stresses of the day to achieve work-life balance

Achieving that balance is never easy, but I make an effort to carve out some time each day to switch off from work. I find that the school runs for my daughters or a lunchtime workout session helps me reset and recharge.

Decompressing and relaxing after a long working day and bringing joy into my life

I have a couple of things that I enjoy and help me unwind after work. On my way home, I like to listen to podcasts, particularly sports-based interviews or shows like The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett. They always have fascinating content on topics like health and wealth that I find engaging and informative. Another activity I find therapeutic is cooking. When I am in the kitchen, it’s hard to focus on anything else because I need to be fully present, paying attention to the cooking process, timings, and the sequence of bringing a dish together.

Speaking of balance and joy, for me, spending quality time with my family, especially during holidays, brings a sense of balance and overall well-being. I also absolutely love playing golf despite doing it badly but I am up for a challenge! Practice makes perfect and I thrive on continuous improvement which makes it even more enjoyable.

May 15-21, 2023 is mental health awareness week. Check out our social media to read how Pacific International raises awareness of the importance of mental health, employee well-being, and prioritising self-care to maintain a healthy work-life balance and promote overall wellness.