The Challenge

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The organisation is going through the middle of a transformation and is looking to become a more process-oriented business and is looking to bring in a strategic and collaborative talent acquisition leader to completely build out their talent acquisition program. This bottom-up build out includes driving improvements to their internal recruitment processes, and driving a mindset change within the organisation.

The Solution

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With a strong network of talent acquisition professionals and a strong relationship with the client—the Chief Human Resources Officer specifically—they turned to us to take on the search. Utilizing out ability to map out the market for strong talent acquisition talent in California, we were able to identify an outstanding candidate for the position. We were able to place a strategic, yet hands-on talent leader who was able to move back to his roots in Southern California with this opportunity.

The Results

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Facing numerous challenges within this saturated job market, the successful candidate was identified and has recently jumped into the role. Originally from the Los Angeles area, this allowed him the opportunity to be closer to family. It also allowed him the opportunity to put his strategic capabilities back into use. In his first few weeks in the position, he has become a great partner to Pacific and is working to drive improvements to their recruitment and hiring processes.