The Challenge

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Pacific was retained by the Head of Pricing Excellence to go to market and identify a pricing excellence leader to assist to gain further commercial and competitive advantage for the firm. A newly created role with a niche set of requirements, they were searching specifically for individuals with detailed understanding of pricing software implementation and best-in-class strategic pricing principles.

The overall strategic group function would also be leading the digital transformation journey of the business across its 30,000+ employees.

The Solution

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As the first project focused on Pricing and Software Solutions, our approach to the client request was to ensure a successful alignment with their needs and offered custom-made screening and interview questions for the best selection process based on their criteria.

Using our global network of contacts, we were able to identify a strong shortlist of candidates with the right technical and leadership experience as well as the language capabilities and aligned to the company culture.

The Results

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Having a refined shortlist of candidates through video interviews, allowed us to present a completed shortlist within 20 working days. Working closely with the client, we completed the final selection process within 12 weeks and closed the mandate with a strong Swedish based, female candidate.

The project was the first to be successfully delivered in the Commercial Excellence function and Pacific has delivered a number of similar projects for the group.