The Challenge

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This search is a part of a larger search project with the organisation, with Pacific supporting on 20 searches. As their organisation is going through a significant transformation within the U.S., they are looking to increase their brand recognition and drive more innovative products within the marketplace. The business needed a unique skillset to support the sales team from the finance perspective and really be the voice of reason. This required a collaborative finance professional with experience working cross functionally with a sales team. A deep understanding of the sales process, promotions, and product lines was needed to advise the sales function.

The Solution

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While our core space is more centered around manufacturing, operations, and transformation, Pacific has a strong network within the finance function. Our agile nature paired with our network in the space allowed us to quickly identify the candidate and quickly move them through the interview process. The candidate not only brought finance knowledge and collaborative experience to the table, but also a clear alignment to the values of the organisation.

The Results

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The candidate was a member of our existing network, quite familiar with the client, they were engaged, interviewed, and accepted an offer in less than two months. This local, high-potential candidate has hit the ground running and is already starting to make an impact on the business. He’s received extremely positive feedback from the company in his first few weeks in the position.