The Challenge

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Having started their TPM program from phase zero about five years ago, the organisation needed someone with proven experience in both building a structured program from its infancy, and within the more advanced phases so they know what good looks like and could get them there. Further, many of the sites were unsuccessful in their deployment of the program when it started years prior, so there was potential resistance to be faced when this person launched a reboot. The company needed someone with a calm demeanor and a persuasive and trust building style to ensure they could get everyone on board with the implementation.

The Solution

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As Pacific had successfully delivered similar roles in a different division and at the site level a few years prior for the U.S. for business and has spent 25+ years delivering on TPM and continuous improvement transformation roles, the client came back to us to find a needle in the haystack candidate after internal resources struggled to fill the role.
Using our knowledge and network in this space, as well as target companies the organisation had respect for, Pacific target mapped those companies (as well as a few others) that had established TPM programs and presented a shortlist of five fully screened top candidates to our client in under two weeks. The candidate ended up being someone from Pacific’s network that we have known for several years and had worked at multiple of the target organisations building out TPM at all phases for the past 20+ years.

The Results

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He took over the role at the beginning of May 2022 and was placed under two months after the role opened. A great strategic and hands on leader driven by connection, he is beginning the revamp of the program; and as we stay in touch with both the candidate and the business, he has received glowing reviews for the work that he has done already and is looked at as a future successor to the Global TPM Director.