The Challenge

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Having started their TPM program from phase zero a little over three years ago, getting a leader who understands the complexity of getting a program off the ground was important to the upper leadership of the company. Further, this was an extremely complex site with a complicated union relationship. The previous Plant Manager was well liked and was promoted to a regional operations role (which was not yet communicated company-wide, adding an additional layer of complexity / confidentiality) so it was important to find a leader who could follow in large footsteps and had the demeanor and confidence to work in this environment.

The Solution

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In the past 18 months Pacific had delivered six Plant Managers around the U.S. (including three in the Carolinas) for the organization and has successfully filled similar roles for several companies for 20+ years, so the client knew we were best suit to find the right candidate.

Using our knowledge and network in this space, Pacific was able to target map organizations that were specifically of interest to our client and gave them a shortlist of candidates soon after getting the role. We headhunted and placed a phenomenal candidate who had a history of TPM implementation as well as managing complex union environments.

The Results

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The search wrapped up in a little under 4 months. His family has settled into life in South Carolina having moved from Kansas and the executive leadership has been thrilled with the progress that he has made already. He has been able to capitalize and build upon the foundations of the site’s TPM program while building an immediate rapport with the team at the site as well as the union leadership.