The Challenge

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This complex mandate was an extension of a successful Human Capital solutions relationship with the client. The specific Plant had recently undergone a re-structure and the requirement was to support the rebuilding of most of their leadership team over an 18 month period.  Seven key positions ranging from Plant General Manager to key functional leadership in Operations, Maintenance, Quality, Human Resources, Finance and Supply Chain. The rebuild would support strategic objectives of the business which were focused on establishing manufacturing excellence.

The Solution

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Stage one of the work on this mandate was concentrated on mapping the market and identifying key organizations to target which had established a similar excellence model. We then used our best practices search model to engage candidates, maintaining a 2-way approach which focused on customer centricity which looked at maintaining a close relationship with the client through multiple touchpoints on a weekly basis. The candidate experience was also key on this project due to the sensitivity of the overall project for the client.

The Results

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We successfully identified the right talent for all 7 positions, which then fed into the primary objective for the business of the turning around the facility. Now present day, the Plant is operating a stable operation and have since embarked on their manufacturing excellence journey. More broadly Pacific is continuing work closely with this global business and to date have successfully delivered over 80 leadership level mandates across the global footprint.