The Challenge

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A newly created position, the team found themselves uncertain of what the market looked like for the level of talent and retained Pacific to drive the search.
This search is part of a larger search project for the organisation, with Pacific supporting on 20 open positions within the organisation. The client is currently going through a transformation to become more process-oriented organisation and needed to bring in an operations leader who can help support on this journey. This facility has gone through a culture change over the last few years, so they were searching for a strong, empowering leader who could help drive continuous improvements across their manufacturing site.

The Solution

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With manufacturing and operations being a core space for Pacific paired with the strong relationship with the client, they turned to us for support on the search. Utilizing our network and ability to map out the local market, we were able to target the local manufacturing market and identify a strong and diverse shortlist of candidates. We were able to place a local candidate with a passion for people leadership and change management.

The Results

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The successful candidate was quickly identified and quickly jumped into the role. A local candidate with a strong background in driving culture change, the client felt that he offered a great skillset to continue the site on their transformation. As we stay in touch with both the candidate and the client, he has received positive feedback on his leadership capabilities and the impact he’s bene able to make in his time since joining. They feel that he is a long term fit who can continue to drive a greater impact across the business.