The Challenge

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This site was the definition of a turnaround, and while the previous leader was brought in to stabilize and begin the turnaround, this hire was critical to completing this mission. To add to the difficulty of this job, this facility was growing at one of the highest rates in the North American region and was an extremely tough union environment. A leader who was comfortable in a fast-paced, lightly structured environment that could partner effectively with operations and build a more process driven, structured environment while continuing the business growth was needed.

The Solution

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Pacific successfully delivered previous roles at a similar level around the U.S. for the organisation and has specialized for 20+ years in transformation roles, so the client understood Pacific had the right network and skillset to get them candidate that could handle this challenge.

Using our knowledge and network in this space, Pacific was able to target map organizations with top HR talent. We headhunted and placed a diverse candidate that is an outside the box thinker and had a proven record of success in similar environments.

The Results

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After five plus months of searching and over 20 candidates presented on the shortlist the candidate moved his family from Houston to Dallas and has hit the ground running. A great combination of strategic leadership and relationship building with the front line the candidate has seen immediate success and has the HR Director raving about his ability. He is already seen as a top talent in the organization’s HR pipeline and is being brought up as a successor to the current director.