The Challenge

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This client had been experiencing rapid growth and restructuring within their organisation in Poland. This was compounded by the challenging economic conditions in Poland including the nearby by Ukraine conflict and local wage inflation.

The ideal candidate needed an extensive knowledge in production based procurement and purchasing whilst also having the right cultural fit. The HR Director requested a female leader level candidate with strong negotiation, leadership, and problem-solving skills to set up the company for great future success.

The Solution

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With prior experience on a search for a strong female Senior Manager of Logistics and Supply Chain, we had a solid understanding of the client’s needs and expectations of the facility in Warsaw.

Working closely with the Global VP of Procurement, our team were able to target and map the right organisations, and build a talent pool with strong Procurement, Purchasing and negotiation skills to fit the client’s expectations.

The Results

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The successful candidate was identified, taken through the end-to-end interview process and accepted an offer just two months after she has been first introduced to the client.

The successful female candidate was previously from a global FMCG firm and bought with her the right technical skill set. She was highly energetic with a can-do attitude and passion for the company. Today, Pacific continues to support the client on a global and European level in various leadership roles.