The Challenge

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This search is a part of a larger search project with the organisation, with Pacific supporting on 20 searches. As their organization is going through a significant transformation within the U.S., they are looking to increase their brand recognition and drive more innovative products within the marketplace. The business needed a procurement professional with deep knowledge of the strategic sourcing process and the ability to drive change / improvements to their procurement function. In addition, the role required a professional who could be based in Los Angeles—proving to be a difficult find as many procurement professionals are looking for remote opportunities.

The Solution

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As the Supply Chain function falls within Pacific’s core space paired with a strong relationship with this transforming food manufacturer, the client came to Pacific for support. Keeping the difficulty of the location in mind, we were able to map out the local market for procurement talent within the food space and were able to produce a strong shortlist. With this shortlist, we were able to place a local candidate with a strategic mindset and a great culture fit within the organisation. The client was so pleased with the provided shortlist of candidates, they decided to create a new position to fit another one of candidate’s skillset and offer him a position.

The Results

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Despite the challenges around location in the market, Pacific was able to identify not just one, but two candidates that are a great fit within the organisation. Both candidates were local to the Los Angeles area and had strong backgrounds within Procurement in the food space. They have a strong knowledge of the strategic sourcing process and the client felt that they could bring about a lot of change within the organisation. This key placement has led to an even further strengthened relationship with the client and Pacific continues to support on open positions and consult on their recruitment process as a whole.