The Challenge

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We were engaged by the European Marketing Director to go to market and identify a BIM Product Owner to help grow their business through the strategic creation of a new BIM and digital engineering tools function for the firm.

A newly created role with a niche set of requirements, Pacific was asked to manage the search for an expert in the field of digital transformation, project management and customer development strategy.

The Solution

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Working closely with the European Marketing Director, the VP of HR Europe and the Talent Acquisition Director and utilising our knowledge and network, our team were able to target and map organizations that had an existing strong BIM function.

Using our headhunting approach, we were able to identify a strong shortlist of candidates with the right technical and leadership experience that we were able to deliver using our native language speakers and bespoke video interview service.

The Results

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The successful candidate was identified, interviewed by multiple leadership stakeholders, and accepted an offer within fourth months. The project had to be restarted because unforeseen personal circumstances the candidate was no longer able to take the mandate for this position. Having built a strong shortlist of highly skilled candidates, Pacific was successful in closing the project in 6 additional weeks. Pacific is now supporting with further key leadership mandates with a focus on Digital transformation.